I have been seeing a physiotherapist. But I still have shoulder pain, what might be the cause of Chronic shoulder pain?
What are shoulder steroid Injections. How long do they last? Do you prefer them?
I Have been diagnosed with Calcific Tendonitis. What do you suggest is the best course of action?
My right shoulder constantly dislocates, hangs lower than my left one, and aches constantly. The initial dislocation was from a fall, and I relocated it myself, but now it is repeating and in Constant Pain. What is the permanent solution?
I have dislocated my shoulder for the first time. Should I have a surgical repair?
I am a football player and fractured my mid-shaft clavicle a couple of days ago. Can this be fixed without surgery and resume my Sports activities?
When is a Shoulder Replacement indicated for Arthritis of the Shoulder?
I recently fell on the point of my shoulder and have been told I sprained my AC Joint. What is the best treatment and when is surgery indicated?
Why does my shoulder joint pop, crack and click?
I had a rotator cuff repair a few years ago. What are my chances of tears again and what to avoid?
What kind of Shoulder ailments can be managed with Mobility Analysis and post screen exercises?
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