Knee Conservation

What is Osteoarthritis (OA) of Knee joints and it's various stages?
Are there any treatment options available to postpone or possibly avoid undergoing Joint replacement for OA Knee joint?
What is Knee Conservation therapy?
What are the Knee Conservation (KC) therapy options ? Is it both preventive and curative?
How effective are KC therapies in pain management and improving mobility in Knee OA patients?
Which Knee OA patient profile is suitable to be managed with KC ?
How effective are the preventive KC options in preserving the Knee joints?
How does KC techniques helps in reducing cost of treatment for Knee OA as compared to replacement surgery?
What benefits does one draw from postponing the replacement surgery by opting for KC therapy? Isn't it delaying the inevitable?
Are the KC therapies covered under health insurance ?
How late is too late for a Knee OA patient to be prescribed for KC therapies?
How effective are KC therapies in repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage of OA Knee Joints?
What are the limitations of KC therapies ? When does replacement surgery becomes inevitable?
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