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We’re here to provide top-notch orthopedic care and exceptional eye services. Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing your mobility and vision for a healthier, happier you.

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Introducing our dynamic team of specialists, featuring compassionate SURGEON’S dedicated to nurturing your…

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24/7 Care at Move and Shine! Access orthopedic, eye care, and more anytime. Your health, our priority.

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Monday – Friday 8.00 – 17.00
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Clear Vision, Compassionate Care: Your Trusted Eye Clinic

Discover compassionate care and clear vision at our trusted eye clinic, where your eyes are our priority.

Renew, Rebuild, Reclaim: Premier Rehabilitation Center

At our rehabilitation center, our experienced team is committed to personalized care, guiding you towards recovery with tailored programs designed to enhance your well-being. Embrace a life of renewed vitality as we support you every step of the way.

Rapid Response: Unmatched Emergency Services for Your Urgent Needs

Count on us for swift and unparalleled emergency services, ensuring rapid response and expert care in critical situations.

Expertise in Action: Unparalleled Services with Experienced Surgeons

Witness the difference with our seasoned surgeons, delivering unparalleled expertise across orthopedic care, visionary eye services, and advanced surgery theaters for your optimal well-being.

Our Exceptional Services

Experience excellence with our specialized services, where we lead in orthopedic care, provide visionary eye services, and offer cutting-edge surgery theaters for your optimal health and well-being.

Orthopedic Excellence:
The Crucial Role of the ACL and ALL

Reclaim Your Mobility

Explore our orthopedic services tailored to restore movement and vitality, ensuring you live life to the fullest. Rediscover vitality through our orthopedic services, tailored for optimal mobility and life in motion.

Visionary Eye Care:

Clarity in Sight, Precision in Care

Dive into our comprehensive eye care, where precision meets compassion, ensuring your vision remains sharp and clear. Experience comprehensive eye care that blends precision and compassion, ensuring your vision remains crystal clear.

Advanced Operation Theaters:

Surgical Precision, Comfortable Care

Step into our cutting-edge operation theaters, designed for optimal precision and your utmost comfort during medical procedures. Surgical Precision, Patient Comfort: Our state-of-the-art operation theaters combine precision and comfort, providing an optimal environment for medical procedures.

Meet Our Specialists

Introducing our dynamic team of specialists, featuring compassionate SURGEON’S dedicated to nurturing your overall well-being with a holistic approach.

“The essence of healthcare lies in the relationships forged between patients and caregivers.”

— Dr. Pradeep Kocheepan

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